Elaine G. 


The Automat was really cool and fun! I visited the place a lot of times before because my friends brought me there one time. I immediately loved the self-serving vending machines and the way it works. The meals were also good and you can’t even imagine nor think that it was from a vending machine. I only hope to see more new meals in the future, but still, great job The Automat! 


Trisha P. 


I went to The Automat one time when I passed by their place. It was so unique and so different from the other restaurants out there so I was really curious about it. I tried eating from The Automat and my first time was actually bad because I made mistakes when I inserted my coins. At first, I was troubled but it was my mistake anyway and I actually got the hang of it after a while so I managed to use it with ease. Now, I visit every time I have time and I’m using this vending machine like a professional! Glad I tried even though I was bad at using the machines at first. 


Justin S. 


I knew about The Automat before that was created way back in the twentieth century. It wasn’t new to me but I wasn’t familiar with how it works as well. I just knew that it was a kind of vending machine where you can get your meals just by a few coins. When I heard that they built The Automat again, I was shocked and curious at the same time so I tried visiting. I couldn’t believe at first that it was really The Automat and that they really brought it back. I’m thankful anyway because I got to experience what they call a ‘revolutionary’ way of eating from the twentieth century.