Hi, I’m new to The Automat website and I am really curious about your place. Can you tell me how exactly how The Automat works? 

Hello, thank you for the curiosity about our place, we appreciate your effort visiting our website. The Automat works easily. You just have to choose the meal you’d like to have and drop a few coins to the vending machine just like what we do when we get our drinks in other machines. Your meal or drinks will be served right after and you can go to other vending machines so you can add to your food whatever you’d like to.  

I was told that The Automat was used and built before the twenty-first century, is that right? 

Yes, it was actually made and created during the early twentieth century and we just decided to bring it back so we can all experience the revolutionary way of eating once again. Besides, there are also a lot of people who are curious about this machine and our place so we were glad to bring it back again. 

If I accidentally insert my coins in a wrong machine while choosing my meal, don’t I have a chance to get it back? 

We’re very sorry, but yes, if ever you insert your coins in the wrong section of a machine, you won’t be able to get it back. It will process your meal immediately so there will be no time to get your money back. We received and faced problems like this before and we’re not able to do anything about it because that’s how the machine works. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Please avoid doing such mistakes to save your money and for you to enjoy the meal you would really like to have, thank you.