About Us 

The Automat was all about bringing back the revolutionary way of eating and getting meals that became popular in the early twentieth century. We are aware that many restaurants and dining places are really famous and popular nowadays, however, we’d like to try bringing back the old and convenient ways of eating your meal just like before. Our team put a lot of effort and dedication to make this thing possible so even after a long year of waiting and planning, we were able to bring The Automat back.  

A lot of people in the twenty-first century don’t know about The Automat, how it works and what it does. When we brought back this place and introduced this vending machine to many, they were all curious and became interested with The Automat. It was old and not new indeed, but the people in this century don’t know much about this machine. That is why The Automat became a success even after just promoting it again a few years ago. Children and even adults were all having fun and are satisfied with our place. 

The customers were glad about our services and we received great amount of good reviews up until now. We are more than happy to let you experience The Automat and bring back the time by bringing back this awesome and revolutionary machine. We’re also honored to bring this place back only to receive such great reviews from all of you. The Automat is hoping to see more customers in the future and that we are all able to make a difference in our everyday meals just by visiting this place and dining using this self-serving vending machine. Eat and enjoy