high quality meals with just a few coins

Are you looking for the best dining place where you can get good and high quality meals with just a few coins? Do you want to go somewhere you can eat without waitresses or waiters serving your food but instead requires self-service? Are you curious about how this machine works or are you aware of The Automat? Whatever your reason may be for being here, we invite you to come and visit us so you can experience the revolutionary, unique yet classic way of dining. 

It’s not always every day that we get to eat outside and try out many restaurants but it’s also not always that we get to try different things as well. The Automat is not really different because but it was established in the early twentieth century in New York. It was really a great and revolutionary was of eating although many people don’t know about how The Automat works right now. We are sure that many people are curious about it because eating in The Automat will probably be a new experience for them. So go ahead and grab your cars from your garage doors in Tampa to visit us, The Automat. 

We have no waiters or waitresses to serve you but we are sure that the vending machine you will use will give you a better satisfaction. You can find many great qualities about our place. Other than we have a unique way of letting the people have their meals, we also have a lot of fresh and best-tasting dishes that will have you thinking that you are in an expensive fine dining restaurant. The Automat only requires a few coins from your pocket to give you different kinds of meals.  

The customers can choose whatever meal they would like to try, prices are located below the food selection. You can try as many as you want as long as you will finish them all. Our food is hundred percent freshly made along with the drinks we let the customers have. There are varieties of drinks as well not just the meals, such as coffee, fruit shakes, water and any other drinks you would like to have. You can eat them in our restaurant or you can just take them out if you want. 

However, if you are new to our place and you would like to see the menu first before you visit us, you can check it out here in this website. Go visit the ‘menu’ section and also see how many coins are required so you can have this meal you’d like to taste. Don’t forget to join us with your family and friends so you can have a better experience here in The Automat. If you have questions about us, feel free to visit our contacts and send us an email. Leave us your messages and reviews in this website as well so we can all know what you think about our place. Thank you and we hope to see you in The Automat soon!